Ornaments for An Indian Bride

The occasion of marriage is a special one for any person. In India, it is considered a highly sacred bond. An Indian woman regards the day of her marriage as the most important day in her life. To make this special day perfect, preparations go on for months on end in Indian households. Jewelry plays a very important role in Indian weddings. An Indian bride is usually decked up from head to toe in beautiful jewelry that complements her attire and her personality.

Typically, an Indian bride uses the following ornaments:

Tiara or Maangtika: Tiara, called as Maangtika, is used to beautify the centre forehead splitting. This ornament is now available in different colors and styles. Generally, for wedding wear, Maangtika having a decorative centerpiece is favored, having a long string. Nowadays tiaras in crown form are also being used.

Hair accessories: The trend of using hair accessories is getting highly popular in today’s times. It is fast becoming a fashion statement. The hair accessories should co-ordinate with the attire of the bride. If the bride’s dress is studded with diamonds, hair accessories encrusted with diamonds can be used. Pearl headgear and silver hairpins are also in vogue in the fashion world. In certain communities in India, elaborate headgear made of flowers is used as part of bridal wear.

Earrings: Earrings are available in every imaginable style and color. They range from small, delicate ones to dangling, heavy ones. Earrings are available in different metals and using different gemstones or pearls. Nowadays, the trend is to wear earrings covering the whole ear. Brides typically wear earrings that are attached to a chain, which is hooked in the hair.

Necklace: The necklace is the most versatile piece of bridal jewelry in today’s times. It is available in a variety of styles and colors. The type of necklace is chosen depending upon the neckline of the bride’s dress as well as the color and pattern. According to fashion experts, a long necklace would look good with a deep neck, while a choker would suit a smaller neckline.

Nose ring: The traditional kind of a nose ring worn by an Indian bride is in the form of a ring attached to a long chain that is hooked on to the hair. It’s also referred to as ‘Nath’. Certain castes wear the nose ring without the chain. With the changing times in fashion, the nose ring also has undergone a tremendous change, being available in very stylist designs.

Armbands: An armband is called ‘Bajubandh’ in Hindi. It is also a widely used piece of bridal jewelry, which is worn on the upper part of the arms.

Bangles: Bangles, also known as Chudi’s or Kada’s are perhaps the second most important bridal jewellery type after mangalsutra. In fact, bangles are symbol of Indian-ness across the world. Most women prefer gold and silver bangles for their wedding. And, wedding bangles are embedded with precious and semi precious stones and are available in hundreds of unique designs.

Finger rings: Finger rings are also one of the most important pieces of bridal jewelry. There are a number of styles available in the market in case of rings. Like other jewels, rings are also available in different metals, colors and gemstones. Generally, finger rings are worn on the ring fingers. However, finger rings can be worn on several fingers, as per the preference of the bride.

Ring bracelet: A ring bracelet is a bracelet that is attached to finger rings by way of chains. It is a custom in certain castes in India to wear ring bracelets.

To conclude, the choice of bridal jewelry is one of the most important considerations in an Indian wedding. It is necessary that the jewelry be suitable to the bride’s personality and well-coordinated so that the bride looks her best on her special day.

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